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The Future Is Now

What do we want for our future? Sustainability!

Sustainability starts with personal choice, and we choose solar energy.

“Going solar was the best decision I ever made. When can we put up more panels?”

– Harvey. M., veteran and retired
postal worker, Seekonk, MA

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Massachusetts has one of the three most aggressive rebate and incentive programs in the entire country! Contact us and we’ll evaluate your business or residence for a solar set-up. Live in Rhode Island? Now, we have incentives for you, too!

News From Massachusetts CEC

"The SREC II Program has been finalized, and it is expected that DOER's residential solar loan program will be up and running by the fall of 2014. Both of these programs will provide needed incentive to the current small-scale solar market. The SREC II Program will provide a higher SREC factor for small-scale projects, addressing the need for smaller projects to receive higher SREC revenue. The loan program will also increase lending and assist in addressing some of the cash flow challenges for individuals looking to purchase a solar project. With that in mind, MassCEC will run the Commonwealth Solar II rebate program through the last quarter of 2014, after which time the rebate program will sunset."

- Alicia Barton, CEO, MASS CEC

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