Commercial Solar

Choosing Solar Energy Is One Of The Best Investments A Business Can Make

Not only is Commercial Solar a sound financial investment with a fast payback, but going solar sends a strong message to your customers about your business’s commitment to a more sustainable world. Solar energy allows you to start saving money now on your monthly electric bills AND control future operating expenses. Whether your business is large or small, we can figure out a system design that will work best for your location. It can be extremely beneficial to put a solar system on the roof of a commercial property, as commercial properties are often unobstructed by trees and other buildings. Many also have a flat roof, which will get maximum sunlight all day. Even if your roof is unsuitable for solar panels, other options can be explored, like a ground array or the construction of a structure that will support solar engineering.

Commercial Solar Project Management Process

We understand that a commercial solar energy investment is a big deal for you. While you might initially want to focus on the solar energy systems cost, we start by helping you recognize how much you will save in the long run. Looking at your current energy bill and how much you will be spending if you don’t make the switch to solar, it will be apparent how cost effective a switch to solar is. As a local company based in Rehoboth, MA, you can count on us to share knowledge and expertise as the project progresses. Once we install your system, we promise a lifetime of warranty support and service. We are not just your installer, we are your partner for as long as you have your system, and we are here to serve your business.


From the initial solar-potential evaluation on, we work with you as a valued customer and partner. We seek to develop the optimum system and financing that will maximize savings, suit your particular financial situation, and meet your business goals. Our team will perform an online survey of the property and an initial consultation to explore your concepts and discuss the viable options.
  • Preliminary Design Layout & Shading Analysis
  • Customer Needs Assessment: Electrical Usage, Financing
  • Design Options: Rooftop, Ground or Canopy Mounted
  • Estimated Rate of Return (ROI), Savings, Payback
A proper design is extremely important as it ensures financial goals are met while delivering the most productive and reliable system. Depending on your particular site information, several options may be suitable for a favorable solar energy installation. The system’s design will often be directly related to the financing option chosen, and we will navigate you through the selection of the system type and products used.
  • Site Survey: Examine Location and Existing Electrical work
  • Select Components → Create Final Design
  • Submit Final Model & Design For Approval
  • Review Final Contract, Pricing & Financing Options
Starting with the initial consultation, we begin looking ahead to the logistics required to meet your particular needs regarding a solar power system. Our team of professionals will be there working closely with you throughout the process to ensure there is minimal impact to your daily operations. We will also provide you with regular progress updates so you will know when you can expect your system to be ready. We always strive for customer satisfaction and will listen to you as a partner, not just a customer, throughout the installation.
  • Work Planning: Avoid Workplace Interference
  • Final Schedule: Select Components Staging Site
  • Secure Local Permits: Building, Electrical, Utility
  • Complete Construction: Utility, Interconnection, Energize
Post-Installation service

We provide a 10-year full-service warranty against defects in our workmanship, in addition to individual warranties on all major components. As your service partner, we will be there for you if any unforeseen issues arise during all warranty periods and beyond. Our product suppliers employ us to resolve any equipment issues in a timely manner to keep you online and saving money. We are your single source of contact, so you never have to wonder who to call regarding an issue. Most components have extended warranties available when desired.