Happy customers

There was never a question that we were going to get involved with solar energy. Several companies weighed in, but we were won over by GotSun-GoSolar – essentially because of the people involved, but ultimately because of their commitment to clean energy, to their clients” best use of such, and favorable financial comparisons. Given Patty”s clean presentation, Ron”s professionalism and Bill”s technical expertise, not to mention the bright and personable Sarah Jane and John”s meticulous installation, there was no question that this was the right direction. They are genuinely interested in providing clean energy in a professional manner at a reasonable cost. And it all makes us very happy!


5.0 Slade- Solar Owner Since 2015

Home Owner, Seekonk, MA

Going solar is the best investment we made in our home. It paid for itself in a little over three years and now the rest is gravy. By gravy I mean not having utility bills is our savings that can go toward other home improvements.

The lessons we’ve been able to teach our children about being sustainable have been invaluable as well. They talk about being environmentally friendly at school and my kids can talk about how they are doing it at home.


5.0 J. H - Solar Owner Since 2012

Home Owner, Seekonk, MA

Got my first electric bill…….IT WAS A CREDIT!! So much better than the $200+ bill I used to get! THANKS GOTSUN-GOSOLAR!! All of the people involved from start to finish of the project were knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Looking forward to many more years of credits…… Tammy Mello Camara - solar owner since 2015

Home Owner, Westport, MA

We had a very positive experience with GotSun-GoSolar. At the beginning they met with us, learned everything they needed to know about our specific situation, and answered all of our questions. It’s clear they have a lot of knowledge and experience behind them — and they’re also really nice people who value the environment and believe in what they do. The installation itself took less than a week, and the end result looks great. Throughout the process GSGS kept us informed, were very responsive, and addressed all of our concerns. Ron, the owner, personally oversaw every step of the installation, and Sarah Jane handled all of the contacts and paperwork required for obtaining permits, registering for government rebates, connecting with the grid, selling SRECs, etc. With so many different parts to the process, I thought there would be a lot I would need to read up on and do — but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a breeze. GSGS took care of everything for us, just requesting signatures when necessary. Now that it’s up and running it feels great to check our online monitoring page and see all of the free, clean electricity that our panels are producing every day!


5.0 Michael Ferrier- Solar Owner Since 2014

Home Owner, Rehoboth, MA


Having spent 37 years working as a field technician and supervisor for the installation and maintenance of natural gas distribution system equipment I am not an easy customer to please. I have overseen many complex systems in my career and had definite ideas on how I wanted to see things done at my home. I was very impressed when the company owner, system engineer, electrical
contractor and panel installers all came to my house to discuss my ideas. They not only seriously considered my suggestions but improved upon them. These people not only know their stuff but better still care about doing things right and meeting the customers needs.


Larry- Solar Owner since 2016

Commercial Solar Owner, Rehoboth, MA

They did an excellent job. They took care of almost everything with only a few signatures. When I hit a problem with something (such as the loan), I could contact them and they pointed me in another direction. The parts delivery and install happened extremely quickly (almost immediately after the loan was signed).


5.0 Chris E - Solar Owner Since 2015

Home Owner, Rehoboth, MA

We would like to inform you of our experience regarding the installation of our solar system by Got Sun Go Solar, from a customer’s point of view. October 3rd, 2012 was the “flip the switch day” for our solar power system. That was the day the net meter started turning in our direction, instead of the electric company’s.
I am glad my wife Linda and I chose Got Sun Go Solar as our installer. GSGS was there every day until the job was done. Ron and Bill coordinated the supply of components, carpenters and electricians to bring the job to completion in a very timely manner.
It has been 2 years since the start date and out 32 panel system has produced 16,252kw, slightly higher than the 8000kw projected per year. The strong Massachusetts solar incentive program has earned $2,333.98 in Solar Renewable Energy Credits, and we anticipate 5 more this month. This will earn us an additional $1,274.10, totalling $3,608.00 for the first two years, which has saved us about 2,762.00 on our electric bill for the past 2 years. This does not include the state and federal credits which have changed since we purchased out system. At the time of purchase these credits were worth $14,665.00
Linda and I are proud to reduce our carbon energy consumption, but our final decision was for financial resasons. We are in our 60’s, and feel that this investment will lower our expenses in retirement, and the return on investment was exceptional.

Thank you Ron and Bill !!!

Sunny Wishes,
Jim and Linda Blythe Jim and Linda Blythe

Homeowner, Rehoboth, MA

We needed a new roof and major upgrades to our electrical system in order to install the solar array. Got Sun Go Solar took care of all of the construction work as well as all of the state and local permitting and rebates. They made the whole process easy and we couldn”t be happier with the results. We”ve been up and producing for about 2 months and have already seen a reduction in our electric bill. I can”t wait until summer when production should increase to see the full potential of the array.


5.0 Alyssa- Solar Owner Since 2014

Home Owner, Seekonk, MA

I”ll be honest, I was reluctant with a solar system because it seemed to good to be true. I waited 2 years. Now that I have a solar system I could kick myself in the butt because I wish I did this 2 years ago. I have had no problems and NO electric bill. Even on the cloudy days I am producing electricity. The installation was done professionally and there were no surprises.

I would recommend solar to everybody who wants so save some $$ and help our planet. Gotsun-Gosolar is the company to go with. Ms. K- Solar Owner Since 2014

Home Owner, Seekonk,MA

Gotsun-Gosolar installed panels at our home several years ago. The process was smooth and the actual installation was completed in just a few days. Ron was very knowledgeable about the solar market and was a true partner through the entire process of planning through selling our first SRECs.

We appreciated being able to use a local installer, not just to support local business, but also because of the sense of security it gave us when making the investment in solar. We”ve never had an issue with our system, but it”s nice to know that Ron is right around the corner should we ever need him.


5.0 Ross - Solar Owner Since 2014

Home Owner, Seekonk, MA

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